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Awaken Rituals in our daily lives

  • Riverside Studio 16 Die Laan Stellenbosch, WC, 7600 South Africa (map)

...I invite you to join me for a workshop/talk on how to bring conscious ritual back into our lives in a natural way - or rather how to (re-)awaken the rituals we are already doing on a daily basis but we seem to be taking for granted as habits. We will be discussing the necessity of rituals as a manner of enrichment in our lives, as well as how we can make the choice of changing some of the rituals (habits?), we are already doing and introducing new inspiring rituals that will bring us closer to ourselves and lives we wish to lead. I will also talk about how we can make our yoga and meditation practice part of our daily/weekly rituals. 

At the workshop/talk I will invite for dialog between me and you so that we can all share a piece of our own experience of rituals and ceremony and I will also provide you with a set of tools that will help you to easy remember the intention you have for the repetitive actions you do and the ritual you create with them...

WHEN: Saturday 8. July
TIME: 09.00 - 11.00
WHERE: Riverside Studio, 16 Die Laan, Stellenbosch
BOOK: 072 953 6299

Here is a little snippet for inspiration: 

"A ritual is anything we do repeatedly or do in a particular manner. I can say it is my morning ritual to get a cup of coffee soon after waking up. I sorely miss it if I don't do it every morning...

We use birthdays to celebrate life and longevity. We customarily wish people happiness and sing them a song together. There might also be a Christening or Baptism as an intent for a young person’s well being in life. Weddings are ceremonies where people come together and unify their commitment to love, honor, respect, and take care of one another. Anniversary parties are for fun and to celebrate love. Thanksgiving (in America), is a celebration of gratitude. Independence Day is a celebration of freedom. Christmas time holidays are a celebration of great love and family connections. Holidays and celebrations are filled with rituals that deepen our connection to emotion, and to each other. Sometimes the bonding happens through the ritual of sharing a sports game together.

Funerals are our ceremony to honor and pay respects to the departed. They also afford family and friends to engage in practices that will help them to detach from that relationship emotionally and move on with their life. These rituals serve a purpose for those still living.

We also use ceremony and ritual in smaller ways in our everyday lives. At a sporting event we play or sing the national anthem. The music invites us to connect with our country men and women in a unified way. After the game competitors shake hands in a ritual of respect. Brushing my teeth or taking a shower at the end of the day is a personal ritual of cleansing. If I don’t brush my teeth before bed I don’t feel like things are in order, and if I don't shower after a long day I feel like I am still carrying with me all the baggage from the day that passed as I enter sleep. 

Some people start their job by getting dressed for it. Others don’t feel they are ready to go until they first have their cup of coffee or tea in the morning - that's me! We probably don’t think of these everyday actions as rituals that connect us to our lives, activities, relationships or ways for us to focus our attention and intent, but they are. An action or activity can be practical and still have a ritualistic emotional feeling or centering aspect to it. There are rituals we do all around us that help us get centered in an emotional state and focused. We probably just have a different label for them...

All of these ceremonies and rituals add richness, depth, emotion, meaning, and order to our lives and relationships. We may not think of these everyday activities as rituals or ceremonies. Somewhere the terms ceremony and ritual have been left out of our cultural lexicon. In doing so we may not be as conscious of the value they serve. Even if the value they serve is to connect us socially with friends while having a beer and watching a sporting match. The term ritual and ceremonies have somehow unconsciously been relegated to realms of the religious or superstition. In doing so we may have lost some of the importance we use them for in engaging our attention, intent, and connecting with others..." 

By: Gary van Warmerdam

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