"I’ve had the privilege of attending Victoria’s classes for a few years now and they are always such a joy. She has a colourful and vibrant energy that is beautifully contrasted with a sense of calmness and contentment. Victoria encourages her students to practice in a way that feels most comfortable for them. She acknowledges that each student has a unique practice and encourages self-exploration without fear and without judgement. I love her authentic yet laid-back style of teaching. Her classes are playful and stir curiosity about movement, but also embody a sense of calmness. This allows you to take all the time in the world to grow into your own sequence at your own pace. Victoria is all about finding strength in your softness. A harmonious balance between movement and stillness that makes you feel both energized and relaxed after class. Victoria’s raw passion for yoga is inspiring and definitely shows through her teaching style. She is a very talented and knowledgeable yogi – happy to share her wisdom with you, should you have any questions or would just like to chat after class.  For both beginners and more advanced yogis, she will guide you wholeheartedly through your practice. She is friendly, approachable and attentive to each of her students. Victoria’s classes are warm and welcoming. She will make you feel right at home." 

- Gianni Delledonne, Stellenbosch

Victoria has a beautiful way of combining a work out with relaxation. After one of her classes I feel strong and stretched, but also calm and focused. She creates an open and inviting space for beginners as well as experienced yogis to try new things and move their bodies in ways they didn’t think they were able to. I love her style of teaching as it is creative, original, curious, honest, without judgement, safe, and fun!
— Annemarie Bijloos, Cape Town

"Victoria first started coming to my small Stellenbosch yoga studio in 2012 and it has been a joy and a privilege to watch her practice, her confidence and her inner light blossoming over the past years. People come to yoga for many different reasons, all of them personal, and I don't always know what brings them to the practice, but it was clear to me from the very start that Victoria had a sincere yearning to deepen her practice. She just showed up on her mat with an openness that was beautiful to observe - always curious to explore the edges of her comfort zone, both physically and philosophically. I was delighted but not surprised when she told me that she had decided to embark upon her teachers' training as I could tell that she was ready to take it to the next level. And it's been a delight to see how her confidence and her practice have strengthened since then. Victoria is a soulful and intuitive teacher. She has a wonderful ability to accurately gauge the energy level of a class, and to adapt what she has planned in order to give the students what they need instead of what she thought they may need. Her lilting Norwegian accent brings a very special dimension to her classes and she is absolutely invested in her teaching - always full of energy and giving her all to making the beautiful practice of yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their level, their physicality, their flexibility, their state of being on any given day. There is a lightness about Victoria and she brings a ray of sunshine into every space she enters. She is a joy to everyone that knows her, and despite the fact that her asana practice has reached an advanced level, she manages not to intimidate or alienate as so many teachers do. On a practical level, and as someone that shares a space with Victoria, her punctuality is exceptional, and she is completely reliable and trustworthy. She is creative and enthusiastic, and she is always willing to go the extra mile or cover if someone is ill or unable to teach. I cannot recommend Vic highly enough - as a teacher, as a colleague, or as a friend. She is one in a million."

- Nicci Annett, Stellenbosch

Victoria creates a space where I feel that I can explore the curiosity of movement while being guided by a truly skilled yogi. She’s calm and kind, and that permeates her practise. Her instruction is gentle and encouraging and it has helped me explore my physical and mental boundaries. Victoria’s passion for yoga shines through in her teaching and translates into yoga classes that are alive with energy and enthusiasm. She also happens to be the coolest yogi I’ve met with the best playlists to move to. Victoria’s is the only class I simply can’t miss.
— Neville C Lahner, Stellenbosch


"Victoria is a warm and attentive teacher, open to trying new things and making the class fit your needs. Having her as a guide helped us (re)connect with our own bodies and - during the partner yoga sessions - each others. Her pregnancy classes are both lovely to experience and a wonderful resource for during the birth journey." 

- Sabien & Anna, Belgium/South Africa

"Victoria’s classes embody the spirit of the Northern Lights: they are powerful, bright, energizing and graceful, and allow one to transcend the mundanity of everyday life. It is evident in the first class one attends with Victoria that she is an incredibly well-trained teacher. She intuitively caters to both beginners and more advanced yogis, and emphasizes the foundation of any pose by providing adjustments and modification suggestions to make any posture doable. Victoria has inspiring social media accounts that encourage one’s own practice, and allow you to engage in her fascinating journey as a Norwegian yogi in South Africa (and to listen to her beautiful accent more often!). I love attending both her flow and yin classes because she is one of the few teachers I have come across who truly practice yoga as opposed to just giving an exercise class for an hour. She is always open and inviting, well-organised and creates the perfect atmosphere for a happy yoga class. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be taught by Victoria."

                                                                                                                                                                           - Lisa Schreiber, Stellenbosch


"Whenever I walk into Victoria’s class (I've attended both Vinyasa & Yin this year), no matter what kind of day I’ve had I feel like I’ve come home, to a loving space that I can just soften and re-connect to what actually matters. Her early morning Vinyasa Flow is the perfect way to start my morning, gently restoring & invigorating. The slower yin is just what I need, so often, to let go of what I don’t need in body, mind and spirit. I love the curiosity, playfulness and kindness ever-present in each and every class. I also appreciate how Victoria always encourages us to listen to our body in each moment, to know what is right for us, as apposed to trying to follow the ‘perfect' course. If I could describe Victoria’s classes in one word: Nurturing!"

- Kate Culverwell, Stellenbosch

I love doing yoga with Victoria, and feel blessed to have done so many classes under her guidance. Victoria’s classes are a beautiful journey...each one different, and each one an opportunity for independent exploration and guided understanding. Victoria is a warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and understanding yoga instructor. She gives you the space to to explore each asana in your owner personal way while at the same time guiding the poses to create beautiful sequences that are challenging in just the right way. In both her vinyasa and yin classes she creates a safe space for you to meet yourself on your mat, no pressure, no expectations, just curiosity and joy. Thank you Vic!
— Barbara Seele, Stellenbosch

I have been going to Victoria’s classes for almost a year now and I almost certain my practise would not be the same without her teaching and guidance. She is definitely my most influential teacher (and I am
so thankful for having her in my practise) She is, to me, a gentle- humble teacher with so much appreciation for the human body and what we experience during the practise. Victoria like to slow things down and turn inwards which some days- are literally all I need. Oh, and she has the best playlist!
— Renate Wahl, Stellenbosch

 "Being quite active in sports, I realised that keeping a spiritual and physical balance were incredibly important. Being a beginner at Yoga, I place some importance on privacy and opted to do a private class. Victoria has a great setting for these classes and quickly deduced what was relevant for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and look forward to practicing it for a long time."

- Vincent Buhrer,Stellenbosch


"Victoria's yoga classes have inspired me to pursue my yoga practice in a calm, gentle and conscious manner. I have become much more aware and curious of limits to my body and mind and of the strength of breath. Yoga practice has nudged me into a much more conscious and calm approach to everyday life.  Thank you Victoria, for being such an inspiring, gentle, calm and accessible teacher. Whether practising heated yoga or non-heated vinyasa flows and especially yin yoga, you always create a space of peaceful being and awareness."

- Carmen Reiff, Namibia


Victoria’s teaching style is intuitive, knowledgeable and mindful in the most gentle ways. Her practice reminds me to listen to my body, mind and soul, by giving it the right amount of attention and intensity it needs. Her Vinyasa flows are powerful, challenging and sometimes fascinatingly intricate. Other times it can be simple and subtle, yet strong.
Her appreciation and knowledge of Yin yoga shines through in her practice, for it is beautifully soft, kind and gentle. Untangling the flow of cropped-up energy and emotions, by restoring the deeper tissues of the body and mind. A truly life changing practice from my personal experience.
— Trune Snyman, Stellenbosch

"Participating in Victoria's classes offer me what I like to call "sane curiosity". I'm a mother of a 5 month old baby girl and life has felt like a roller coaster at times. Attending Victoria's classes allow me to pause, be in the present and get back to me. It offers me sanity and forces me to relook at myself and life in a curious matter."

- Mirjam Leslie, Cape Town

"Victoria brings a lovely calmness to every yoga session she gives. With a good balance of stretching, exercise and meditation, these sessions have had a large positive effect on my well being, both mentally and physically."

- Tim Verschaeve, Stellenbosch

Victoria’s classes are amazing! They’re what got me hooked on yoga and I am forever grateful. She has a beautifully gentle and compassionate energy. That, coupled with her passion for yoga and playfully curious nature makes for classes that are hard to miss. I also like that she teaches in a way suitable for all levels, so even after years of practicing I’m still enjoying and learning. Then, of course, her classes are a very near panacea for a bad day.
— Telisa Du Plessiss, Stellenbosch