Yin Yoga - a journey home

Yin yoga. Allows us to turn inwards. and along the journey welcome ourselves home. As we soften the muscles, we soften the bones, the clenched teeth and the belly. We soften the skin as we allow ourselves to go a layer deeper. Tuning into our breath. A layer deeper. Tuning into our emotional sphere. Feeling every single thing so deeply. And with that. Knowing that we have arrived. Finally. We are home. 

It is not always a pleasant home this body. There might be thoughts and emotions that we struggle to sit with. But, even so. As we arrive on the doorstep of our home. We can let the shoulders drop. We can decide to meet our feelings and thoughts with open curiosity. We can decided to let them pass. Like wind in a tunnel - soaring through. We can observe. Without attachment. Without expectation. And that is where we get to know our little home a little bit better. And every time we take this trip. This inward journey to come home, we get a little more comfortable with what is. We become a little more understanding and much less judgmental. 

Slowly but surely. There is only kindness, compassion and love for this body that we call home.